SOFT&PATEnt 2019

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Every day belarusian IT-companies develop various programs, databases and apps for PC, laptops, smartphones and tablets, for cloud technologies and the Internet. But are they aware of how to protect their intellectual property worldwide?


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About the workshop

Workshop goal: Means of protecting software in the USA, the EU and China. Approaches, decisions and practices.

Moderator: Pak Eugeniy Viktorovich

UE "Belpatentservice" Bel CCI

Language: Russian/English. Simultaneous translation from both languages

Workshop date

October 30, 2019 

Workshop time

09:00 - 18.00

Adress of the venue:  

Minsk, Gazety Pravda, 11 ave., J. Rau International Educational Center


Lars Gunnarsson


The US patent attorney,   author of technology transfer publications at NASA, the publications on comparison of the US and European software patent systems. Worked in the US Patent Office (USPTO).

Markus Muschke 


The EU patent attorney, specialist in the field of inventions implemented using computers and digital data processing, dealt with these issues in Siemens AG.



Internatinal arbitration and conduction of court proceedings in China on violations of software patents.Member of the All-China Bar Association, member of the New York Bar Association.

Workhsop program and the cost of participation  

09:00-09:30  Registration of the workshop participants


09:30-11:00 Section 1 “Worldwide trends of software patent protection. Intellectual property protection by belarusian IT-companies”

Protection of intellectual property of IT developers in the world. Approaches and procedures (Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and Paris Convention on intellectual property protection). The results of the research on “Belarusian IT-Companies patents” and “The patents of the world’s leading IT-companies”

V.V. Trofimov, E.V. Pak (Belarus, Minsk)

Price: 140 €

Participation in all 4 sections - 30.10.2019.


11:15-13:00  Section 2 “Patent as a universal tool for patent protection in China”

The procedure for obtaining patents in China. Arbitrage practice on software violations. Anti-counterfeit sales mechanisms on the main trading platfoms (Aliexpress, etc.)

Tim Meng (China, Beijing)

Participation in 1 and 2 sections at 9:30-11:00 and 11:15-13:00


14:00-15:45 Section 3 “European patenting approach”

Which object can be protected when it comes to inventions related to software. How to apply for a European patent for software. Issues during trial at the European Patent Office. Scope of legal protection/ counteraction to violations. Practical examples for all of the abovementioned points.

Markus Mushke (FRG, Munchen)

Participation in 1 and 3 sections at 9:30-11:00 and 14:00-15:45


16:00-17:45 Section 4 “Patenting Software in the US as a Strategic Imperative”

Comparison of American and European patent systems with an emphasis on the invention formula and the claims of inventor/ copyright holder. Modern tools to combat counterfeit products on the main electronic trading platforms (Amazon, AppStore, E-bay, etc.) for patent holders. Apple-Samsung Patent Courts in the USA.

Lars Gunnarsson (USA, Iowa)

For this price you will gain access to workshops at 9:30-11:00 and 16:00-17:45

feedback from the previous workshop

It was very interesting, useful information and a lot of practical tips, great organization, a benevolent, comfortable atmosphere. I was also glad to make an acquaintance of my colleagues. I'd like to take part in such an event again.


Sergei, OAO "Agat-system" 

Informative workshop, a lot of useful information. The main thing  in it for me was a practical advice on specific questions of protection of hi-tech export products of the GVPK enterprises by means of objects of an industrial property and recomendations on development prospects. The seminar is necessary for further professional growth. The workshop was helpful for the future professional development.
Roman, Research Institute of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus 
Interesting tender, pleasant atmosphere, due to the workshop we realised there is a lot to strive for. Amazing project!
Sergey, ООО "Парадиз Стоун"

on participation in all workshops of Soft&Patent 2019


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How to find us

J. Rau Minsk Educational Center is 650 meters away from metro station Petrovshchina, the public transport stop "International Educational Center" is located nearby.